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Ethics Counselor Toolbox.  The Toolbox is intended to provide additional resources for DoD Ethics Counselors. In it, you will find additional guidance and materials, such as templates, forms, and worksheets.  Note: In using these tools for your own program, please ensure that you replace any references to SOCO with your ethics office contact information.


The following is a summary of the law. For details and information specific to your circumstances, contact your local ethics official.

President Biden's Ethics Pledge Former President Trump's Ethics Pledge - Revoked Furlough Guidance 

DoD personnel often ask whether and to what extent Federal ethics laws and regulations still apply  during a Government shutdown or furlough. The answer is that individuals remain a Federal employee during a Government shutdown, even if they are furloughed. While individuals may be permitted to engage in outside employment activities during this time, they must still ensure that such activities comply with Federal ethics laws and regulations. For further guidance see:

Special Government Employees (SGEs) Conference Planning / Support Issues