Advisory 07-08 August 24, 2007

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Special Edition: 2007 Annual DoD Ethics Training Online.

The 2007 DoD Annual Online Ethics Training: Ethics - Your Key to an Improved Work Environment is now available.

This online version is principally for offices serviced by DoD Office of General Counsel. Other organization ethics officials may link to it, but must include their contact information and the name of their DAEO on there referring page or email to meet the OGE annual training requirement.

Similarly, a "Proof of Training Certificate" and automated e-mail to certify completion is available at the end of the training module. Non-OSD ethics offices must provide users the email address of the individual designated to receive the Proof of Training. DoD Office of General Counsel does not maintain records of completion for trainees not serviced by our office.

In addition to the online version, training is available in three other standalone editions, suitable for live group presentations or personal briefings:

  • Instructors may download our Instructor-Ready Training Slides. This is a classroom-ready version of our annual training, complete with full graphics, animations, "Notes" pages and a Training Completion Certificate. This version is a very slow-loading (13MB) document. Please be patient.

  • If you require a faster download or have bandwidth problems, try our Graphics-Free Training Slides instead. This "lite" version (only 1MB) is intended for those who have problems with slow downloads and/or band-width difficulties. You should find this version downloads and operates much more quickly.

  • Our annual ethics training is also available in Microsoft Word for those who prefer to download and maintain a written copy for "lap briefs" or their reference library.

Please remember that for these versions as well, ethics counselors must include their contact information and the name of their DAEO if using the DoD training for personnel in organizations outside the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Former Admiral Convicted for Violating 1-year Cooling-Off Period

A retired Admiral and current top official with a San Diego school district pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of violating 18 U.S.C. 207, the post-Government employment conflict-of-interest law. As a result, a U.S. Magistrate sentenced him to serve one year of probation and fined him $15,000. Despite previously holding a prestigious Government post and receiving praise from fellow colleagues, the officer's error in judgment cost him dearly. In addition to the probation, fine, and legal fees, he has resigned from a company that hired him, and may lose his job as chief administrative officer of the city school district.

Known as the one-year "cooling off period," 18 U.S.C. 207(c) forbids former senior officers of the Executive branch from representing other persons before their former agency within one year of leaving Government. The officer's misstep occurred when, only one month after his retirement, he represented a company seeking a major contract with his former employer. The former officer admitted to signing the company's contract proposal as well as the cover letter sent to his former employer with the intent to influence the contract award decision. Investigators detected the conflict of interest just in time for the Government to eliminate the company's bid from consideration. (As reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune, July 12, 2007)


DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this advisory is to disseminate relevant information and sources of general guidance, policy and law on Government Ethics issues to the Department of Defense ethics community. Advisories are not intended to be and should not be cited as authoritative guidance, DoD policy, or law.