Advisory 10-01 January 14, 2010

  1. No New Pay, No New Thresholds.

    After the new year's pay adjustments, which took effect January 3, 2010, and subject to announcement by the Office of Government Ethics, the new statutory thresholds for provisions that rely on the General Schedule or the Executive Schedule for the application of certain ethics provisions (including outside earned income and employment restrictions) are:

    • 120% of the minimum rate of basic pay payable for grade 15 of the General Schedule is $119,554.
    • 15% of the annual rate of basic pay for level II of the Executive Schedule is $26,955.
    • 86.5% of the annual rate of basic pay for level II of the Executive Schedule is $155,441.

    Model forms reflecting the changes are available on our website at Handouts.

  2. File Those Training Plans.

    Remember that all DAEOs should have their Annual Training Plan on file by the end of the calendar year for the next year's training cycle. This requirement is found in 5 CFR 2638.706 and JER 11-302. A sample can be found on the SOCO web site here.

    Please note: The training plans do not have to be forwarded to SOCO.

  3. Reminders of Upcoming Important Ethics Dates.

    January 1st marks the beginning of both the Public and Confidential Financial Disclosure reporting periods. [Reminder: All requests for - and approvals of - an extension of the filing deadline must be in writing and be placed with the individual's file. (5 CFR 2634.201(f))]

    The 2010 Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire is due to OGE NLT February 1st.

    OGE provides a handy list of important suspenses for calendar year 2010 on their website.


DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this advisory is to disseminate relevant information and sources of general guidance, policy and law on Government Ethics issues to the Department of Defense ethics community. Advisories are not intended to be and should not be cited as authoritative guidance, DoD policy, or law.