Advisory 09-06 August 25, 2009

Special Edition: 2009 Annual Ethics Training Now Available Online.

The training is for personnel in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and/or serviced by the DoD Office of General Counsel.

IMPORTANT: Other DoD organizations may use this training module, but must clearly include the identity of their DAEO and contact information to meet the OGE annual training requirement. 5 C.F.R. § 2638.704.

  • We recommend employees print out the instructions and review the 14 Principles of the Standards of Conduct before beginning the training module.
  • Employees must review all required pages and answer all questions correctly in order to receive a certificate of completion.
  • The last page is the certificate of completion. Employees must input their name and print a copy. To print the certificate, select the printer icon located at the bottom right of the certificate.
  • Employees are responsible for forwarding their certification to their local ethics official and/or training coordinator. They should also retain a copy for their records.
  • The certificate will not be automatically emailed to SOCO. SOCO does not maintain and is not responsible for misdirected certificates.
  • (Link Inactive)

ETHICS TRAINING MATERIALS: DoD Ethics Officials who wish to use the PowerPoint slides or training notes must request copies from their servicing Military Department Designated Ethics Officials.


DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this advisory is to disseminate relevant information and sources of general guidance, policy and law on Government Ethics issues to the Department of Defense ethics community. Advisories are not intended to be and should not be cited as authoritative guidance, DoD policy, or law.